Live Dealers Make the Online Casino Better

Do you ever feel like the online casino is missing something? It can’t be new flash technology because every good online casino has the top in casino gaming and software. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can’t get comps for a free buffet dinner at the online casino? No, that’s not it either! Just because the online casino doesn’t have buffet doesn’t mean that your comp points won’t give you great prizes such as gift certificates to your favorite restaurant or even a trip for two to a beautiful Las Vegas vacation!

Yes, we all know exactly what’s missing at the online casino, a place where you can let out your verbal frustration at the blackjack dealer. There are two major flaws at the online casino. First off, there is no cute waitress to bring or freshen up your drink. Although to resolve this problem may we suggest being nice to your wife/husband and convincing them to be your cute waiter/waitress, they may actually enjoy it, especially if you give them a nice tip! But that is neither here nor there, let’s get on with the second flaw.

The next, and biggest problem, with the online casino is the fact that when the virtual dealer pulls an 8 card 21 there is no one to make a face to or yell at. Unlike the land-based casino, the online casino doesn’t let you interact with the players or the dealers face to face. That means that you can’t trash the dealer or be pals with the player sitting next to you. Until now that is! Many online casino sites are bringing in live dealers, and even web-cam players so you can actually see who you are playing against and who is giving you those awful cards!

Micah Bell

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