Mini Versions of Online Casino Games

Do you love playing at the online casino but can’t stand the fact that you may be caught by your boss, or even worse, your wife? Well, there is a solution for you and it all has to do with a mini version of the online casino games that you love. There is currently a new version of solitaire that was released for the computer. This version is basically identical to the original with one little change; the program is the size of a credit card. When you are playing at your favorite online casino when you should be working or paying bills you always risk the chance of getting caught.

With a mini version your risk is lowered, and your fun remains consistent. The mini solitaire game is programmed in a way that allows the mouse to move easily on the mini screen. Plus the graphics are good enough to allow you to expand the game to any size you like with out losing any quality. This same concept will soon be available at your favorite online casino, and it will certainly save you a few headaches.

The best part about the programming aspect of the mini solitaire game is that it allows you to close and open the game significantly quicker than normal programs. What does this mean for the online casino games? Well, when you are in a tight spot and your manager is coming to you at full throttle, you don’t have to worry about having your blackjack game open. Just click the ‘X’ and the online casino game will close and you can get back to pretending you are working in mere seconds.

Micah Bell

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